Could your pillow be affecting your clear skin?

It’s the comforting cradle for our head when we reach the end of the day, but could your pillow be affecting your dreams of clear skin? You love your pillow - but it might not be giving you the same love back. We use pillows every single day and often only change the cases when we’re changing the linen of the entire bed, which can cause damage to your skin and your hair. Here are just a few ways your pillows might be impacting your skin and what you can do to say bye-bye to breakouts.


Surprisingly enough, research has demonstrated that sleeping on the wrong kind of pillow can increase the depth of wrinkles in the skin. Particularly with cotton pillowcases, the rougher material can pull on the skin and cause deeper lines in more sensitive areas, including around the eyes and mouth. Skin experts recommend switching out the traditional pillowcase (usually made of cotton) to one made of velvet or silk. You can find sets cheaply online or at a local retailer. Combine it with one of our anti-ageing Exilis Ultra skin rejuvenation treatment for youthful, radiant skin.

Clogged up

We spend hundreds of hours a month nestled into our soft, comfortable pillows. Unfortunately, a pillow has a sponge-like quality and tends to absorb all of the things that we collect on our skin, hair and bodies over the day. Bacteria, makeup, damp, oils, sweat, all these very common human elements often end up on our pillows. So even when we wash our faces at the end of the day, we might be lying back down on the dirt. This one is an easy fix. Make sure you change your bed sheets regularly - particularly the pillowcases. If you sleep with two pillows, change which one you sleep on each night to reduce the amount of dirt.

No moisture

Pillowcases can also soak away moisture from the skin while you sleep. Traditional cotton can cause the skin to become dry and flaky over time, as well as increasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s recommended that you switch to a pillowcase made of a softer material- like silk- as the fabric contains amino acids that are better and more soothing on the skin, locking in moisture as you sleep.

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