An Overview Of Reducing Body Fat

An Overview Of Reducing Body Fat

Here we explain to you why fat comes back just where you are trying to lose it. Whether it is muffin top, love handles, everybody has their zone of stubborn fat. Excess body fat can seriously affect your confidence, but the great news is that now there is a new way to sculpt your body quickly, scalpel, and surgery-free.

Why diets can not shed your fatty bits?

It’s simply because the massive weight loss does not reduce the number of fat cells you have in your body. They only shrink in size, but all these fat cells stay where they are. They are like containers where the fats are stored and can be filled up (expand) or shrink in size. And as soon as you close your diet window, they will fill up and come back.

Do you lose weight in certain areas faster than others?

One of the most stubborn body parts to lose fat from is the abdomen, even after you notice the changes elsewhere. Most people would go for ab exercises to get rid of the abdominal fat. The bad news is that ab exercises can tone muscles underneath, but it won’t decrease the number of fat cells, and the fat deposits won’t melt away. Moreover, women naturally have more fat cells as compared to men.

It’s all about the NUMBER and not the size. It suggests that if you want to get long-term control over fat deposits, you have to reduce the number of your fat cells.


The great news is that advanced technologies, which can achieve esthetic changes non-invasively, have dramatically improved. Vanquish ME is an award-winning, non - invasive technology that uses advanced selective radiofrequency to heat fat cells and kill stubborn fat deposits without even touching you!

Wait, there is more you need to know! It kills more than 60% of targeted fat cells, which is more than double what fat freezing can offer, is the only multipolar machine in the market (more effective than other RF devices), and has the hugest single treatment spot on the market.

Backed by Science

There is clinical evidence that radiofrequency can reduce fat cells by number, not by size. It gives a long-lasting change as the remaining fat cells are unlikely to expand enough to restore the original body contour. The estimated replenishing of the fat cells is only 8% every year. The study shows that four years after treatment, the abdominal circumferential reduction preserved most of the original decrease.

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