If someone had told you 20 years ago that cellulite could be removed without the need for surgery, you would have said something like "stop talking to me immediately".

However, today, thanks to Acoustic Wave Technology, this is full reality. The technology itself was discovered by accident, and 60 years of research and development later, this treatment is a proven non-invasive solution to cellulite, giving recipients the tighter skin they have been striving for with inadequate diets and mythical creams. 

The science behind the treatment is relatively straightforward: energised acoustic waves penetrate the layers of skin and destroy the hardened connective tissues that tether the skin into the dimple, with new collagen resulting. It is that basic. And best of all? Acoustic wave technology is conducted in a serene environment, meaning that instead of being covered in sweat-inducing green scrubs, you will find yourself in a room more associated with massage. We have even been known to put the whale music on.

Avid user Madonna has recently purchased a machine for her very own home (it's alright for some) - now if that's not proof of its effectiveness, what is? Get in touch with Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics now, and find out for yourself about our relaxing non-invasive acoustic wave treatment sessions. See you soon! 

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