Why does Soprano Titanium Stand Out From Other Lasers?

Why does Soprano Titanium Stand Out From Other Lasers? Are you suffering from excess hair growth? Or dream about a smooth, fresh look? Either way, choosing laser hair removal can hugely improve your life. With Soprano laser technology, You can choose exactly where to be smooth and where you can allow natural growth....

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An Overview Of Reducing Body Fat

An Overview Of Reducing Body Fat Here we explain to you why fat comes back just where you are trying to lose it. Whether it is muffin top, love handles, everybody has their zone of stubborn fat. Excess body fat can seriously affect your confidence, but the great news is that now there is a new way to sculpt your body...

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Five tips for glowing skin this Christmas

The festive season is fun, but getting ready for your year-end events to shopping for gifts can get crazy. Also, alongside the heightened anxiety, you may feel less inclined to complete your usual skincare routines. It's hard to find time for that at the end of a hectic day. By the end of the month, it can leave a mark...

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5 things you need to know about soprano laser hair removal

5 things you need to know about soprano laser hair removal Are you looking for another way to remove unwanted hair? Fed up with plucking, shaving and hair removal cream? If so then you should consider Soprano laser hair removal. Here are 5 things you need to know.

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Top tips on handling dry 'Covid Hands' At Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics, we have seen a real increase in customers getting in touch to enquire about hand treatments. Due to the necessary rise in hand gel with high alcoholic content, many people are suffering from 'Covid Hands'. The main symptoms are dry skin, inflamed...

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Is your face mask affecting your skin?

Is your face mask affecting your skin? 2020 has been the year of the face mask. In recent weeks the government has updated its COVID-19 legislation, making face coverings mandatory in all shops and takeaways, as well as on all public transport. With talk of these rules being extended further to include outdoor public...

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Quick guide to skin-boosting snacks

Gorgeous skin with a natural glow is top of everyone's beauty wish list and more and more of us are seeking chemical-free ways to boost our skin. Specialist treatments like our Caci Synergy therapy go a long way to boosting glow and confidence but being mindful of what we eat will maximise the benefits. Here's our guide...

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Could your pillow be affecting your clear skin? It’s the comforting cradle for our head when we reach the end of the day, but could your pillow be affecting your dreams of clear skin? You love your pillow - but it might not be giving you the same love back. We use pillows every single day and often only change the cases...

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