Wart removal Wimbledon

Wart removal is accomplished by using the painless Cryopen.

We offer Cryosurgery option at Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics from £50 - £79.

What is Is A Cryopen?

The Cryopen tool is a cryotherapy device that is one of the most distinct cryotherapy devices on the market. The precise targeting means only your wart is treated and not the essential skin that surrounds the wart.


Why is the Accuracy Of Cryopen Important?

The Cryopen's specificity creates less discomfort during wart treatment while keeping the focus on your lesion for a better result.


Can You Treat My Lesion?

We offer a free skin analysis so we can check the lesion and determine whether your wart is appropriate for treatment.



Pricing is determined by how much nitrogen spray is used. The bigger the wart or a number of warts determines the price. Assessment (free) is needed to give a clear idea about cost. However to get a good idea about the cost of wart treatment in Wimbledon we have some wart treatment pricing guidelines on this page.

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