Lycon Waxing Wimbledon

Based in Wimbledon, our waxing hair removal at Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics is aimed at comfort.

What wax Do We Use?

For sensitive zones, we use Lycon Hot Wax which offers a comfortable waxing experience that only a few waxing salons in the Wimbledon area offer as a hot waxing choice. For cost-effectiveness, we use regular strip wax from Lycon in the Wimbledon clinic for larger less-sensitive areas (legs, arms, shoulders, back, etc........).

Lycon Wax in Wimbledon at Wimbledon Clinic's Aesthetics

Waxing In Wimbledon The Costs:

Our Wimbledon waxing costs are competitive, and you will be treated by grade 4 Aestheticians trained in many forms of hair removal. 

Don't Like Waxing?

We also offer Painless Soprano Laser Hair Removal. However, we know that sometimes our social calendar just needs that quick adjustment from hairy to hair-free. The hot wax option by Lycon is unbelievably different from most hot wax alternatives.

female waxing Wimbledon

waxing legs wimbledon clinic aesthetics using pink lycon wax

Female waxing at the Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics is always done with precision and comfort.

We can not make hair removal in sensitive areas completely pain-free but with Lycon wax it's as close to painless as possible. Yes, it does come at a premium but we think you'll agree it's worth the experience. 

Lycon hot wax is a type of wax that doesn't require a strip and is applied in a thick custard-like finish. This thick custard called 'hot wax' grips your follicle sprouts while also heating the skin to soften the grip at the follicle.

The Lycon wax we use at Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics truly amazing experience, as far as waxing can be, and to make it better come with loverly sent (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla are common wax sents) 

Other wax types (our generic wax)

We decided to offer a more generic hot wax at a slightly lower cost for people wanting a lower price point.

We found while our Wimbledon clients loved the experience with Lycon wax there bodies regenerated hair quickly. This meant they wanted a waxing experience similar to Lycon wax but at a lower price point. We therefore scoured wax providers and found Italia hot wax, which we refer to as generic wax, on our pricing list.

Male Waxing in Wimbledon, SW19

male waxing wimbledon back and chest waxing services

Male clients are welcome for waxing at Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics but we don't do intermate areas.

Chest, Back Shoulder etc are all welcome please choose your option with the male annotation next to it so you get the correct price.


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