ODA Facial Peels

Skin Peels in Wimbledon 

ODA facial peel is a new brand that uses only natural ingredients that suit both your skin type and sensitivity. It moves away from the combined acid approach that often is a cause of over-reaction and splits its professional acid ranges into just three of the most natural acids. Being natural these facial peels have low incoincidence of reaction while also being organic.

These ODA peels fit in with Wimbledon clinic aesthetics' ethos sublimely and we think its the best facial peel product in Wimbledon. When this tremendous peel is combined with our profoundly qualified aestheticians, it indeed has everything you need for a definite choice.

Why The ODA Does That Matter?

This tailored approach ensures we use ingredients that make your skin fantastic while making you feel comfortable and stress-free. 

What Does ODA Stand For Apart From Being Natural?

The ODA peels are called Mono-peels, meaning each skin peel done at Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics uses a single natural acid only. This single acid compound makes ODA peels and facials straightforward and safe.


Mono-peel means a facial peel that only contains one acid. Each mono-peel's acid works at different depths of skin penetration.

The type of mono-skin-peel is chosen depending on your skin issue whether it's:

  • Acne - Deep pore requiring acid molecules that penetrate deeper before influencing the skins PH balance
  • Blemishes - Shallow skin changes don't warrant a peel that penetrates too far down

Doesn't Peels feel Weird, I am Sensitive?

The last great feature of ODA facial peels is each Mono-skin peel also has three strengths to suit your sensitivity. We start very weak concentration and test your sensitivity to ensure great comfortable results.


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