Beginners Guide: Soprano Laser Hair Removal

Beginners Guide: Soprano Laser Hair Removal

Let’s not beat around the proverbial bush, keeping on top of any unwanted body hair is a chore that nobody wants to deal with. If you’ve ever considered laser hair removal as a solution to this problem, but are worried about any pain or discomfort, Soprano Laser Hair Removal is the answer. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Soprano Laser Hair Removal?

Unlike IPL hair removal, which uses hot lasers to destroy hair follicles, Soprano Laser Hair Removal (nicknamed the ‘ice laser’) is a machine that gradually heats the follicles to kill them. The element of the device that comes into contact with your body is ice cold, to keep you comfortable and pain-free throughout.

What Can I Expect During My Treatment?

Your technician will advise you to shave the area you are having treated 1-2 days before. As the hair follicle needs to be present to be destroyed, waxing and plucking are a no-no. The area will need to be totally clean, so no makeup or deodorant should be present (this is easily removed with a wipe when you arrive if you have come after work, for example). When you arrive at your appointment, a gel will be applied to the area, similar to an ultrasound. The device is then placed on the area and your technician will glide it around to ensure that every follicle is suitably zapped. A benefit to Soprano Laser Hair Removal is that, unlike IPL where the laser can’t go over the same area more than once, an area can be covered multiple times ensuring very good coverage. Throughout treatment, you will gradually feel the device heating up. It will be noticeable, but not painful.

Who Can Be Treated With Soprano Laser Hair Removal?

As with other laser hair treatments, this treatment is most effective on the combination of fair skin and dark hair. However, thanks to its delicate nature, Soprano Laser Hair Removal can be used on most skin and hair types. And, because treatment is very thorough, it can be used to eliminate even the stubborn, fairer hairs, which are traditionally harder to tackle. Darker skin is sometimes more delicate and sensitive to the heat in laser treatment, but the advanced technology of Soprano makes it much more gentle. Unlike IPL, you can also be treated when you have a suntan, so there is no need to wait too long after your holiday before a session.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The recommendation for most people is around 8 sessions. However, if it’s not a particularly dense area, 4 may be plenty. If it’s a completely untouched area, ten or more may be required to reach the desired level of silky smoothness. The great news is that most people notice results after just two sessions, so it won’t be long before you’re getting excited about donning that bikini or strappy dress.

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